German University Sports Federation

In a nutshell
The German University Sports Federation is the umbrella organisation of the German University Sport Institutions. Students and professionals are equally represented in the most important adh committees. This special form of participation in equal terms is also resembled on the adh board. More than 200 universities and universities of applied sciences with some 2,400,000 students and 500,000 employees are actually members of adh. The federation concentrates on national and international competition sports and education.

Moving forward nationally and internationally
adh organises competition sport events in more than 50 disciplines every year.

The German University Championships, adh-Trophies and the adh-Open events offer the suitable competition for more than 12.000 students eachyear. The range of sports reaches from popular ball sports to classical disciplines and the latest trend sports.

On the international level adh cooperates with the European University Sports Federation (EUSA) and the International University Sports Federation (FISU). The most important highlight in the competition calendar are the biannual FISU World University Games, which are the largest multi-sports event apart from the Summer Olympics.

European University Championships and World University Championships round out the international competition calendar.

Until 2025, however, the main focus will be on the Rhein-Ruhr 2025 FISU World University Games.

More than Education and Qualification
The adh education programme is based on scientific innovations and new trends to improve the local university sport.

Main aspects are trainings on organisation and management skills as well as consulting and networking with special emphasis being put on the support of young female professionals.

In 2003 the Mentoring Project “Tandem” was launched to increase the participation of women in leading positions of sport organisations and especially in university sports; in 2021, the project re-started for the eight time already.

Academic Career and High Performance Sports
The German University Sports Federation supports excellence on the field of academic and sportive performance.

In order to improve the academic conditions of elite student athletes to conduct an academic and a sports career at the same time, adh started the project “Partner University of High Performance Sports” back in 1999. Today more than 100 participating partner universities are committed to provide special services, curricula that are more flexible and creative solutions for collisions with respect to attendance time and examinations for a better combination of studies and high level sports.

Stars of today are tomorrow's leaders
It is not surprising that the German University Sports Federation has the reputation of being the cradle for next generation’s offspring in German sports as voiced by the former NOC president Prof. Walther Tröger.

A good portion of today’s leading sports officials gained first insights and experiences serving as volunteers in commissions and committees of adh.

In addition, numerous successful Olympic athletes participated in World University Championships and FISU Games before returning from Olympic competitions as well respected or medal decorated performers. Examples are Michael Groß, Heike Rosendahl, Thomas Lurz, Ariane Friedrich, Ole Bischoff oder Britta Heidemann, Sarah Köhler and Fabian Hambüchen.

Rhine-Ruhr 2025 FISU Games